Where to buy a gift card from Netflix Colombia

Netflix Colombia Gift Cards have incredible conditions. One month free, free update and more. See how to buy them.
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If you are interested in knowing where and how to buy Netflix Colombia Gift Cards, you have come to the right place. I’m going to explain the advantages of doing it and how to do it from anywhere in the world.

Why buy a Netflix Colombia Gift Card

Netflix Gift Cards have different conditions for each country and one of the best places to buy them is in Colombia. The duration relationship with respect to the benefits of a Gift Card is much higher in Colombia. With a Gift Card of 20,000 COP (6 USD approximately) you have Netflix in a basic plan for 33 days. But if your account is new, the standard plan (2 Full HD screens) will be free for the first month. In conclusion, activating a Netflix account with VPN saves a few dollars a month. Now, if you have Netflix as a business, the chances of saving are even greater.

Where to buy Netflix Colombia Gift Card

The place where you can buy Netflix Colombia Pins from any country easily and quickly is at Bixxus.com. For this it is necessary that you know before that Bixxus is a platform specialized in selling products and services with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, so if you still do not have crypto, the first step is to acquire it.

If you do not know how to buy cryptocurrencies in your country, do not worry, I will tell you where to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dogecoin which are the currencies accepted by Bixxus. If you are a Binance user you can pay through any cryptocurrency using Binance Pay. If you want to go a step further, I recommend that you buy Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin because the commissions are almost equal to zero at the time of transfer, while in bitcoin you will have to pay a little more.

The best place to buy cryptocurrencies without a doubt is Binance. There you can buy bitcoin in the P2P section paying with any means that does not involve using a credit card and its high commissions. Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world and the fees to go from one cryptocurrency to another within the platform are ridiculously low.

If in your country binance does not have the P2P purchase of Litecoin (LTC) or Bitcoin Cash BCH enabled, you can buy Bitcoin and within the same exchange convert it to LTC or BCH. As I said before, the exchange fees are extremely small, so you won’t lose anything on the exchange. Having Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin in your possession, apply the steps of the next point.

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How to buy Netflix Colombia Gift Card on Bixxus

  1. Enter the Bixxus virtual store and choose Netflix. You can also click here to go directly.
  2. Choose the amount and value of the Netflix Colombia Gift Cards that you are going to buy.
  3. Go to the payment page, choose the cryptocurrency with which you will pay and fill in the billing fields. If you have not created an account on Bixxus before, check the option to create an account.
  4. Click pay. A QR code will be displayed with the data to pay in the cryptocurrency you have previously chosen. You can scan the code if your cryptocurrency is in a wallet app. If your cryptocurrencies are on Binance, choose the option to pay with Binance Pay.
  5. A few minutes after payment, you will receive your codes in your email or you can see them in the “My account”.
  6. Redeem your codes at https://www.netflix.com/co/redeem. If you are not in Colombia, you will probably need a VPN.
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